Odoo HR Core for Vietnam

Robust Odoo HR with localized features for Vietnamese market

Odoo HR Core Apps for Vietnamese enterprises

Empowered by powerful and versatile Odoo HR modules, our suite of HR Core apps are developed with painstakingly-localized features that help Vietnamese enterprises quickly transform the way they acquire, retain, manage and engage their people.

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The hiring process for Vietnamese companies has never been easier!

Simplify the plan-to-hire process. Measuring the effectiveness of recruitment campaigns, tracking applications coming from different local recruitment channels, such as VietnamWorks, JobStreets, etc.

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Localized employee information

The full set of employee information as per  Vietnamese HR practices & regulations  are available: Work information, Private Information (including Family & Dependents), Education, Job & Contract history, etc. 

The employee's HR-related documents, such as personnel records, certificates. This allows the managers to keep track of everything and take action when needed.

Advanced Attendance Management

Complex shift management: Managing employee's shift scheduling and handling complex cases related to shift management. Integration with major biometrics devices to get employee's check-in/out data into the HCM.


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Make Vietnamese Payroll Right

Make it easier for HR managers to process staff payroll in an accurate, timely and secure manner. Ensure compliance with insurance and tax regulations of Vietnam. Being able to adapt to related regulatory changes with simple and flexible configurations.

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Mobile app for employee and managers

Employees and managers can request and approve/ reject time-off, respectively, with a single tap on their mobile devices. Mobile access to the HCM suite enables employees and managers to take action or respond to changes on the fly.

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Overview of features in our Vietnam HR core


Handling the plan-to-hire process, make the recruitment process easy for any recruiter.


All employee data are captured and kept in one place, including info required by the govt. of Vietnam.

Labor Contract

Managing all kinds of labor contracts related to employees. Tracking lifecycle of a contract.

Employee Promotion

A clear workflow to manage employee promotion: job changes, salary adjustment, etc.

Time-off management

Allowing employees and managers to manage their time-off request & allocation.


Integration with fingerprint machines to get direct attendance results.


Overtime request & approval workflow. Config and apply overtime Vietnamese percentages.

Business Trip

Tracking business trip requests and auto-generate attendance records for staff joining the trip. 


Recording training courses attended by employees as well as related training costs.


Fully localized payroll module for Vietnamese companies. Being able to adapt to any regulatory changes.


Generating standard insurance reports/forms for submitting to the social insurance agency.   

Personal Income Tax

Creating monthly declarations of PIT finalization (Form 05/KK-TNCN) and year-end PIT finalization.


Creating and tracking all disciplinary cases as well as related actions in one place.


Configuring the types of approvals and assigning them to relevant staff. 


Dynamic reports covering key HR areas: recruitment, PIT, insurance, etc.  

Access Rights

Key security profiles for employees, HR officers, and managers.

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