Manuchar – Warehouse management for bulk products

Sophisticated JIT system for high volume of transactions

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Manuchar is a global trading, logistics and distribution company, headquartered in Antwerp (Belgium). They operate in over 140 locations, with over 2000 employees worldwide and their local infrastructure in more than 50 countries, mainly in emerging markets.

In Vietnam, Manuchar has a presence with offices and warehouses in Ho Chi Minh City and Haiphong, and is a major player in the import and distribution of inorganic chemicals, fertilizers and steel products.

The project

Sophisticated tailor-made application optimized for a high volume of daily operations on bulk products, seamlessly integrated with the weighbridges, including several mechanisms to prevent errors and abuses, and to help the operators in their decision making process.

Main features and customizations

  • Optimized for efficient handling of high volume of transactions.

  • Inventory management with smart suggestion of the stock locations.

  • Complex invoicing mechanism based on different types of services and stock ages.

  • Integration with weighbridges and wireless barcode scanners.

  • Various reports to control the efficiency and waste in the operations.

Some figures

  • More than 25,000 truck moves per year

  • Average truck time on-site of 30 minutes








No. of users


Go-live date

July 2016

Implementation project

200 man-days over
6 months

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