Odoo Onboarding

A special pack designed specifically for Vietnamese SMEs who are looking for a smooth and fast start with Odoo ERP.

Our offer

Limited to Odoo Online and Odoo Enterprise, similar to Odoo Success Packs

Availability of domain experts as well as experts in the Vietnamese legislation. Support available in Vietnamese


Simple Apps


Advanced Apps, Data Import


Advanced Apps, Data Import, Customizations.


Advanced Apps , Data






Dedicated Functional Consultant (Validity: 3 months) 
Functional Support 25 hours 50 hours 100 hours 200 hours
Project Management

Email + Phone Support

Data Import Assistance

On-site Consulting *

App Customization **
Customizations (Forms, Reports, Workflows)


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* Travel time counted; Travel expenses charged separately.

** Only when the 'Studio' App is included in the subscription. Monthly extra charges apply for the maintenance of specific developments.


Can a non-Vietnamese company apply for this special pack?

No. As said above, this pack is specifically for Vietnamese SMEs. If you are non-Vietnamese entities, please contact us for further information.

What is the channel for support?

We have a ticket management system to keep track of all the ticket status as well as time spent on each ticket. We are flexible with communication through other channels also (Email/Phone), but at the end, everything must be logged in support tickets.

What should I do if custom developments are needed for my company? 

If custom developments are unavoidable for your business, we strongly suggest that you should go for custom Odoo development instead. Custom Odoo development has always been our strength for the past 10 years. Please contact us for further information.

Launching Odoo in an easy way

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