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- Is a French consulting company founded in 2009 and specialized in the implementation of Odoo projects to deliver tailor-made business solutions

- Operates globally from Vietnam and Middle-East, with projects all around the world (South-East Asia, North Africa, Middle East, Europe and North America)

- Is the only Official Partner of Odoo in Vietnam, with the most numerous Odoo Developers team

- Provides “all-inclusive” services, from the analysis, development and integration of the application, the migration of the data, to the training, the hosting, the maintenance and the help desk (in English, French and Vietnamese)

DevOps (1 position)

You will work with various internal teams at Trobz and build the tools to manage, deploy, monitor and scale our Infrastructure.

DevOps at Trobz means between 20% to 80% Dev/Ops mixed role.

Focus on backend software engineering, data processing, APIs, internal tools, SQL / DBA, etc. on the developer side. 

Focus on unix systems engineering, infrastructure as code, virtualization and containers, network engineering, security, database architecture, continuous integration, and web scale production infrastructure on the Ops side. 

We use tools like

  • OS: Ubuntu Linux, Debian GNU/Linux, Proxmox

  • Automation tools: Ansible with customized Dynamic Inventory

  • Virtualization: OpenVZ, LXC, Docker

  • Source code management: Gitlab with Gitlab CI

  • Monitoring: ELK stack, Prometheus, Grafana, Check MK

  • Database: PostgreSQL (Odoo), MySQL (Magento)

  • Own internal tools written in Python


  • Build cloud environments to a service specification you help develop.

  • Support the deployment of applications into those environments.

  • Design new environments and architectures.

  • Build tools and monitoring.

  • Advance the art and do cool stuff.


  • Must have a degree in information technology.

  • 2+ years of experience "doing" DevOps, including working at large scale with real, highly concurrent, user traffic.

  • Experience with managing production virtualized environments on cloud.

  • Solid hands on skills with at least roughly 50% of the following: Apache, Nginx, Docker, Network Analysis Tools, Linux, CLI Tools, Python, Bash, Git, Basic network, RESTFUL APIs, PostgreSQL, Monitoring, Ansible.

  • Must be focused on quality, efficiency and continuous improvement.

  • Must be able to read and write in English.

Developer (6 positions)

Trobz is currently looking for 6 Odoo Developers. The successful candidates will work in a dynamic, professional and multicultural environment, that allows to excel personal development through teamwork, individual performance and trainings.

Desired skills and experience

Essential skills

  • Be familiar with web technologies and object oriented programming
  • Focus on quality, efficiency and continuous improvement
  • Be able to read and write in English
  • Willing to learn and open to changes


  • Have a degree on IT or related

Desired knowledge/Experience (a plus)

  • Knowledge of Python and/or Odoo
  • Knowledge of modern development methodologies and tools (agile methodologies, automated testing, continuous integration, distributed version control systems, wikis, trac, jira,…)

  • Experience in software development, open-source projects, development tools (Eclipse, Visioning tools, Bug tracking tools)
  • Understanding of the processes of a company (sales, purchases, stock management, accounting, human resources,…)


  • Understand the requirements provided by the business analysts
  • Provide workload estimates for the activities on the project
  • Choose the technical design for the implementation
  • Code following the coding guidelines and best practices
  • Ensure the correctness of the implementation before transmitting to the QC team
  • Work closely with the business analysts to ensure that the implementation fits the business need
  • Work closely with the technical lead to get advices for the implementation
  • Work closely with the project managers to define the content of each iteration and the planning of the deliveries
  • Work closely with the QC team to fix the bugs detected during the testing phases

Odoo Team Leader (1 position)

Trobz is looking for an Odoo Team Leader. The successful candidate will work with a dedicated team of talented people and will be responsible of the design, development and delivery of ERP and Specific Business Applications.

Desired skills and experience

Essential skills

  • Be fully competent in the software development lifecycle
  • Have strong written and verbal communication skills, including presentation skills
  • Be able to foster teamwork and collaboration within functional group work
  • Be able to communicate and write specifications in English


  • 3+ years experience in IT related position
  • Bsc degree in software engineering/Computer science
  • A previous experience with ERP (ideally Odoo)

Additional skills

  • Knowledge about OO programing language
  • Sales Skills


  • Collaborate with customers in order to design the application.
  • Write detailed design and functional specification.
  • Read and understand software specification and design documents, propose changes and improvements based on requirements.
  • Work closely with development teams and test teams to ensure a good delivery quality.
  • Manage the development team

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