Cdiscount – E-commerce Odoo-based platform to support international expansion

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Cdiscount is the first e-commerce player in France, subsidiary of the French mass-market retail group Groupe Casino (which used to be known as Big C in Asia). 

In 2014, Cdiscount initiated a plan of international expansion, in Asia, Africa and South-America. Odoo was selected as the back-end for some of these new countries (Vietnam, Cameroun, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Tunisia, Urugay).

The project

The project was divided in 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: Deployment Cdiscount Vietnam:

    • Implement ERP features for Inventory, Purchasing, Delivery Order

    • Integration of Odoo as a back-end for Magento to handle ecommerce Sales Orders

    • Integration with Gold from BigC for the vendor and sourcing information

  • Phase 2: Deployment Cdiscount International in Africa:

    • Implement ERP features for Inventory

    • Integration of Odoo as a back-end for Esus (ecommerce front-end)

    • Integration with an external WMS (Speed) managed by Bolloré in African countries

  • Phase 3: Upgrade Cdiscount Vietnam:

    • Migration of the ecommerce front-end from Magento to Esus

    • Integration with SAP (Big C) for accounting data

    • Integration with Marketplace and Pick-up Points platform

    • Implement ERP features for Accounting focus on Inventory Cost Price and Management Reports

Main features and customizations

The project includes the following key features & customizations:

  • Integration with Esus front-end API to synchronize products and sales

  • Integration with Speed (WMS) for the warehouse operations

  • Advanced stock management with FIFO and FEFO

  • Fine-grained modeling of the stock locations in the warehouse (down to storage bins) and optimization of the storage for efficiency of the warehouse operations [Vietnam]

  • Implementation of a wave picking mechanism in Odoo [Vietnam]

  • SAP API to synchronize suppliers and billing data [Vietnam]

  • Other customization on Product Management, Purchasing, Sales Order, Inventory, Delivery, Accounting to help the platforms meet closely with the business workflows / requirements [Vietnam]

Some figures

  • Deployment in 5 countries

  • 100,000 SKUs

  • 300 sales per day in Vietnam (up to ~1000 in periods of sale)








No. of users


Go-live date

March 2015

Implementation project

400 man-days over
12 months

The apps we implemented