Arena – QR code-based showroom application

Digitizing showroom browsing for international purchasers

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The A.R.E.N.A. alliance was created in 2000 at the initiative of the Mousquetaires Group (France) and the company Hagebau (Germany) and is focused (among other things) on sourcing furniture products, mostly from Asia.

The project

Every year, ARENA organizes a big showroom in Ho Chi Minh City and in Shanghai to present its new products (garden furniture) to purchasers coming from several European countries.

Before the project, the activities from the purchasers in the showroom were mostly manual: a collection of a sheet of paper for each one of the 1000+ products, a manual compilation of the products of interest in an Excel spreadsheet, communications by email with Arena after the event.

The objective of the project was to digitize the process by allowing the use of an application: each product is associated to a QR code, access to the product form in the application by scanning the QR code from a mobile device, ability to build up a list of the products of interest inside the application, communications with Arena through the application after the event.

Main features and customizations

  • Progressive web application, designed for comfortable use both on mobile devices and on laptop/desktop.

  • Generation of the QR codes associated with the products.

  • Easy administration from any web-enabled device.

Some figures

  • 1400 SKUs

  • 6300 square meters








No. of users


Go-live date

January 2015

Implementation project

50 man-days over
3 months

Application upgraded every year since then