SmartNet – Switching from a legacy CRM product to an Odoo-based custom platform

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Smartnet (a subsidiary of FE Credit) specializes in personal financial services and insurance including referrals, consulting self-directed credit products, consumer loans, and insurance.

The project

Aiming to provide Vietnamese people with fast and easy access to personal financial loans on a fast-growing market, Smartnet was switching from a legacy proprietary CRM product to a tailor-made system with the emphasis on the goals:

  • Powering a strong Lead Management capacity;

  • Supporting effective daily sales operations in the market field and reducing labor supervision cost;

  • Providing a rich integration with various technology solutions for effective communication with customers;

  • Featuring a strong real-time insight and analysis using best-in-place reporting modules and interactive dashboard;

Main features and customizations

The project includes the following key features & customizations:

  • Product with dynamic attributes management

  • Sales Campaign Automation

  • Lead Allocation with dynamic rules and the possibility to combine rules

  • Lead Follow-up Process until sales contracts are signed

  • Kiosk & Salesforce Management for 5800 employees in 717 point of sales over 51 cities and provinces

  • Integration with business partners’ systems, social networks, Asterisk (basic), Website, Mobile App

  • Effective Sales KPIs Management

  • Complex Sales Bonus Calculation

Some figures

  • 717 Point of Sales (78 Kiosks, 639 VNPosts)

  • Approximately 3000 raw leads per day



FE Credit


Financial Services



No. of users


Go-live date

November 2017

Implementation project

500 man-days over 12 months